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  • Developing an automatic irrigation system that is capable to determine the optimal amount of water required for plants. This task include both: Installing a wireless sensor network that control the irrigation process and developing a data analysis model specialized to study the behavioral patterns. Using these techniques will provide us with the required controlling knowledge and equipments to optimize water usage.
  • Providing farmers with web-based and mobile controller system. This system will enable farmers to get readings regarding their fields. Furthermore, using distributed systems will guarantee knowledge dissemination, distributing of real data among stakeholders.
  • Using data mining techniques to predict behavioral patterns, which can be used to determine the environmental factors that facilitate computing the best amount of water required at a specific time. This task will provide real data to researchers to study the many different aspects of water usage in irrigation including: required levels in different seasons, the effect of superficial, surface, and deep irrigation on different crops, and other important features.

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